Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tim Holtz Tags, Day 11

Ok... here's my day 11.... I loved that he put purple and blue together, I love those 2 colors together... am also loving that he showed us how to make our own stamps... however, that may mean I have to get a Vagabond to do it....hmmmmm..... Well, I used his musical note mask instead....Boy he really got my creativity working again, I'm glad of that, and also made me realize .... I NEED LOTS MORE STUFF!!! LOL!!!


  1. Gorgeous tag, Theresa!

    Say, about the foam stamp-making -- you don't necessarily need a Vagabond to do it! Tim used a thick foam and his dies, but if you have other dies you'd like to turn into stamps, you can just use thinner foam, run them through a Cuttlebug or Sizzix, and if you want "deep" stamps, do it a couple of times and adhere them together for depth. (I believe you can get foam sheets that are already adhesive on one side.)People have been doing this for a long time; it's not a "new" technique... just improved with his materials!

    Here's just one link to a how-to video; there are many others...

  2. Thanks Lynn! I didn't know if the Cuttlebug was able to handle that or not, so that's good to know! And adding double layers! Great idea!