Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another day in the life of Parvo...

So Beau is gaining weight, he's almost 11 weeks and he's at about 13-14 pounds. He's eating and drinking really well. He's off all antibiotics (since last weekend he had a minor toxic episode). The only thing he's on now is Fortiflora dietary supplement and another squirty tube of stuff that aids in the digestion of his food. So far so good, we just have to try and stop the diarrhea, which is a fight on its own! He does good for a few days and then it's hershey squirts again.... still on a bland diet... as long as we control the diarrhea, he'll be good as new! No vomiting in 4 weeks which is great!!

Here's a recent pic!
PS - any advice on Parvo healing and diarrhea control is greatly appreciated!

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