Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not sure about this one...

This is a waterfall card, I used Club Scrap's Common Thread kit.... I'm thinking I don't like the papers that much, especially since I got this month's kit ;).... When the tab is pulled, the other tabs have a waterfall effect and show decorated inchies underneath.

Finally I got 1 project done!!

This is an Expandable File Project from Club Scrap.... it's really cool, it has 9 files inside so that you can organize things. I think I'll be using this as a Christmas gift this year, and put some of my handmade ready to go cards in there!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

All's Well So Far!!

So we had Beau's check up this week, so far so good! He's still on antibiotics for another week or so. He's not at 8.2 pounds!! We got him at 4 pounds, wow! He's eating and drinking really well, and all puppy! We are hoping that he doesn't have a relapse, he can't get his 8 week shots for another 2 weeks, just in case.... but he won't be segrigated at his next appointment! He can go in the front door like all the other animals and even play on the floor!

Looks like I'll be outside all day since we've got around 85 degrees all weekend, yeah!!!! Maybe I can get him housetrained, somewhat, he is using the pads, although his aim isn't really good yet, typical male..... ;)

During the night, I'll be making more cards.... I've got about 600 or so to sell.... WOW! My daughter has agreed to find a place to sell them, and I'd split the money with her..... I'll make them, she'll sell them.... hopefully they'll be some craft shows coming up soon.

Here's a pic of Beau from this week!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Update!

Spoke to the breeder this am, both her and the vet are putting him on more antibiotics, gave him fluid last night and they say he is on the mend! He ate really good last night at 2 in the am, and was ready to play today!! So we're heading back out to get him!! Woohoo!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have news! We spoke to the breeder tonight, and she told us to immediately bring the dog to her and we did. We drove 3 hours tonight, just got back home it's 1:40 am. We got there, she was in tears, she got him to drink, she gave him fluid therapy (iv) got him to eat some yogurt, and got him moving more. She is keeping him overnight and taking him to her vet in the morning. The black boxer that she got from Texas IS the one that got her dogs and my dogs sick. 4 of her dogs got the parvo virus along with her Malteze who is pregnant. Not a good thing on all ends. First she called the breeder in texas and chewed her a new butthole, along with calling the AG's office on her. She was very concerned over our dog, (we both have been bleaching everything all day). As soon as we got there, she immediately took him over. She has a good feeling about it, she thinks that Beau is on the "coming out" end of it, but she wants to take him to her vet in the am to make sure. If all's ok I am going back to get him on Friday (he's getting alot of love there, and isn't being left alone like he would be at a vet's office.) Her husband and daughter help her and give the boxers lots of love.
And she gave me the all the $$ for the vet bill when we were leaving. All in all, she is living up to her end plus some, she feels terrible, took full responsibility and is really trying to help Beau out. We thought he was on death's door tonight driving up there, but after staying with her and her family for 2 hours and watching her with her dogs, they are really trying to do right.

Beau gave us big boxer kisses when we left, but we felt good about it, and he'll be getting the right care with her and the vet.

Thanks for all the prayer ladies! Keep them coming, they seem to be working so far!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Contracted Parvo Virus from breeder, please say your prayers that he makes it through, he's really sick.